Lịch sử công ty

  • 2012 (2531 B.E.)
    HTCMECH được thành lập bởi các kỹ sư trẻ với lòng nhiệt huyết và đam mê cơ khí.
  • 1994 (2537 B.E.)
    Move the entire factory to new location which is not far from the old factory in Bangkok.
  • 2002 (2545 B.E.)
    With high growth of demand toward company’s products. Company increase capital investment to 8 million Baht.
  • 2003 (2546 B.E.)
    To satisfy the customers’ needs in every aspect, company decided to move the entire plant to Chonburi. With factory area 1,260 square meters. To support the production capacity, Company invested in purchasing a brand new double column machining center 2001 x 4000 x 1000 mm.
  • 2004 (2547 B.E.)
    Extend the factory area to 2,750 square meters. In order to keep up the highest standard of company’s products, company invest in coordinate measuring machine table size 500 x 600 mm.
  • 2005 (2548 B.E.)
    To meet the demand and higher product’s standard, company increase its capital investment to 60 million baht.
  • 2007 (2550 B.E.)
    With dedicate staffs and effective production procedure, B.P.Power received the international certificate of ISO 9001:2008.
  • 2011 (2554 B.E.)
    Extend factory area from 2,750 square meters to 4,220 square meters. And also established B.P.Power Engineering Group Co.,Ltd. with capital investment of 25 million baht.